26 June 2010

Carter seeks more of the trough

I'm astounded! So, his caucus colleagues have accepted his apology. Unfortunately, his colleagues don't vote for him and the court of public opinion has resoundedly indicated that they don't want this prick in politics.

So of course, he decides to stay, and his colleagues allow him to. When are our politicians going to learn that when the public indicate disfavour, the politicians need to react accordingly. They collectively set themselves up to stay in the game and I wonder sometimes whether NZ needs to shift away from this self-centered style of politics.

Now, it appears Carters Te Atatu electorate are in favour of him retaining his seat. Well of course they fucking do given his electorate chairman is none other than his faggoty partner. Have they lost their marbles? Don't they realise that this is just another case of propping each other and be damned the public?

Carter is simply in a state of denial and his level of stupidy, downright arrogrance and inability to understand that he is no longer wanted is perplexing at the least. Goff thinks he was hard on the guy, well Goff is a soft-on in most things and he has pandered to the queer cunt rainbow wing of the Labour Party. I can't even be bothered posting a pic with this post coz i simply don't wanna look at Carter's ugly mug anymore.

I'm astounded.

18 June 2010

Russel Norman - Fuckwit Extraordinaire

OK, so this turkey fronts up to parliament to protest something or rather about the Chinese VP visit. And of course, all the Chinese security staff knew who the Co-Leader of an Opposition small-time party is right? Think again! To them, he was just another obstructing protester and they would hardly carry around pictures of NZ MP's in their suit jacket pockets.

So, where is this all leading? This fuckwit Norman files a complaint because he was "roughed up" - like, what the fuck did he expect - looking at the photo's taken he was somewhat aggressive himself - but of course being an MP, he is immune from everything, just like the plonkers who were caught out with creditcardgate.

Next, he comes out to say "It's ultimately John Key's fault".... HELLO! This wanker is a PhD graduate that has shit for brains, his assertion is neither valid nor cogent but he has to blame someone, so being an opposition MP he must blame Key. This is the problem with politicians in this country, they find any excuse but the truthful one for their own actions. He is a fuckknuckle politician to the highest degree, so onto the list he goes. He should fuck off back to Oz where he came from.

12 June 2010

Queerbo thinks of Quitting

Ok, so this really takes the cake. Nutman Carter is apparently fed up. Oh dear, what a shame, nevermind.

He's said "I just have to make a decision: do I want to keep putting up with this". HELLO!!! It's not about whether you want to put up with it, WE the taxpayer don't want to put up with YOU... what a fuckwit. He's lost his marbles.

Further "But there might well be a point soon where I think this is just not worth it". HELLO!! What was your first clue dumbfuck - it's taken him this long to realise the public are tired of his fucking excuses for squandering money and he's not wanted - especially so by the Labour caucus.

He mentions that he still drives a Suzuki Swift 1996. So what? That means nothing and has no relevance to the issue. He's been drawing pay from the coffers for a few years now so its squat lot of difference what he drives. I'm convinced this guy doesn't have a brain cell that works.

And lastly, the creme de la creme "I have lots of faults... but arrogrance, pride, and love of luxury are not among them". HELLO!!!! arrogance - this fuckwit has been nothing but arrogant not only with this issue but with most of the issues where he's been confronted about his standards and practices.

How the fuck this guy got into politics in the first place astounds me, but unfortunately he's got away with the extravagance for quite some time now.

FUCK OFF CARTER!! No longer required on the taxpayer payroll.

Wrinkly Old Man Anderton

Yep the list is building up and i'm having a field day with it. Next to go down in the annuls of history as a corrupt politician is the aged old pensioner Jim Anderton. This self-righteous prick spent thousands on a trip through Europe (a month trip)... like what the fuck is a politician doing away for a whole month anyhow - they signed up the for the job right? But this nutcase has been in politics a LOOOOONG time - so I just wonder how many thousands of dollars he has squandered since he entered politics in 1984. I guess the smiles will come from the many kiwi's who dump him in the end. That'll end his supercilious grin.

He stands alone in parliament and won't be missed when he goes given he's the local joke in the House - the man without a party, without a mandate but even made it to Deputy PM at one stage. He's a leech and needs to be squashed for his actions - just a fucking pathetic individual.

As a newly added fucknuckle politician he will be remembered as the hypocritical old man who no-one wanted to be with in parliament. What's interesting is he is now advertising himself as the "People's Mayor" in Christchurch - well if they are silly enough to vote for him, then they may find amongst his expenses presciption bills for viagra - would that really surprise anyone? :)

11 June 2010

Queerboy Carter needs to go

Not quite as bad as Jones the Porn King, but Carter's recent comments got right up my left nostril. He's waved all this aside by saying its minor, in his case. This is just the type of pig troughing the public are sick of and he must be short of a few brain cells not to realise that the public perception of him and his gay boy is trundling quickly downwards.

Looking at his receipts, I don't see anything minor. Especially the amount he spend on his boy lapdog on his trips away etc. He seems to think he is the King (should I say Queen) of England whereby there is absolute right to anything due to public office. Oh, and what about the torn suit in Spain - was it because he was getting whipped by some S&M Master or was it because his poodle boy couldn't wait to rip it off him after the spa/massage/sauna's that they had. It's sickening and he is a disgrace.

Well, I guess everyone will remember him only for his spending habits and therefore once gone he will drift away into insignificance as the gayboy that just couldn't keep his hands out of the public purse.

10 June 2010

Pig Trough & Chief Jerker

Yes, its field day and so it fucking should be. This snouter of a Labour MP has been caught out - after the fact perhaps? So, here's the story. He's away from home, has no wife handy, so hey, let's rent some spoof movies, put it on the taxpayers credit card and have quick wank or two. He's a disgusting looking pig and would never had made it to the top anyhow coz he's one of the omnipotent Harvard education snobby types - just like Cunliffe, and people don't like that sort.

So, he's a jerkoff - fine, just about everyone in the world does that but he's a public representative and got caught out and will be forever known as the parliamentary wanker (in all senses of the meaning). Ahhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh i'm c....... c........ caught! :) A field day indeed :)

05 June 2010

Turei - Tough Bitch?

Not a chance, she is trying to perform in the big league but fails miserably. Turei, the Chief Toxic Waste of New Zealand hasn't a clue about politics. Watch her in the Chamber, listen to how she asks questions, it's like listening to a rampant 15yo trying to be a 25yo - what a joke this bitch is.

So, she's decided to personally attack Key. I wonder how long she wants to be Co-Leader of the Greens? The Green Party really lost out when they didn't let Bradford in. At least with Bradford she was a ballsy bitch - Turei is an immature titless wonder and if she wants to play in the big league, she needs to change her style. That fat supercilious grin she has is quite off-putting.

She, who pretends to have a "feel" of the nation needs to discover what life is all about before she starts to advocate for others. Life's tough? Fuck yeah it is, but the MAJORITY of Kiwi's get off their arses and work hard. I look forward to an announcement from her that she will take a pay cut to about $50,000 and donate the balance to the poor and needy... gimme a break.

Interestingly she ran for the legalise marijuana party and McGillicudy's party back in the 90's - no wonder she doesn't sound intelligent. She's so insignificant I can't even be bothered posting a photo of her.